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An "Erie Tale" Wedding Layout

Hello Everyone
Graphic 45 is sharing one of mine and Clare's projects today. As Ambassador I get to make a project with every new collection Graphic 45 release. I always struggle with their Halloween collections as Halloween is not something we celebrate in Australia, but it is gaining ground. We can now buy lots of bits and pieces for Halloween and lots of my friends are now getting into the spirt of this festival. As we didn’t 'do' Halloween when my kids were small, I don’t have any photo’s of them dressed up as ghosts or goblins. It is always a bit of a challenge to do projects and layouts with Graphic 45 wonderful Halloween collections. I always love their collections because of the colours and images. So for me it’s a case of using it but hiding the 'Halloween' bits. So here is my first take on a Graphic 45 'An Eerie Tale' Wedding layout.
First I started with a black cardstock to give me a nice strong border for my layout. Next I cut a sheet of 'Fanciful Fable' . It has owls on it, but you can’t really see them. I then added another black cardstock and a piece of 'Wicked Whimsey'.
From a sheet of 'Enchantment' I cut two different borders to make frames on my layout – one I adhered to the 'Fanciful Fable' and the other to 'Wicked Whimsey'. I added another piece of 'Enchantment' and did a triple matt for my photo using two black cardstocks and a piece of 'Fanciful Fable'. Near the bottom I added a border from my piece of 'Wicked Whimsey' and layered strips on top to hide the Halloween words.
To finish the page, I added a black chipboard window and shutters from Imaginarium Designs. I added flowers and metal charms to my window. I love metal embellishments, so I added four filigree corners to my layout. I also wanted to add a bit more orange so I added orange brads to the corners of my 'Wicked Whimsey'. A lovely saying, beautiful photo and a chipboard title all go to make this a classic wedding
 Now for another bit of the "Women in our Family" Book.
this is for the first page in our book.
   Page One:
You will need pieces from the following papers
Graphic 45 Print Papers
2x Timeless Memoir     1x Moment in Time    1x Lasting Impressions   1x Ageless Beauty
1x Afternoon Tea    1x Fashion Plates     1x Focal Point    1x Picture Perfect
Black cardstock. Key and Brads, flowers and leaves.
3L photo corners.
For this book you will need an Imaginarium Designs 10 inch x 10 1/2 inch chipboard book. You don’t need it at the moment. You can work on all your pages, add photos then place them into your chipboard book in the order you want rather than the order I have made them.
You will need to take the chipboard book apart and paint a small bit around each edge of your chipboard pages with black paint as each of our print pages are a little bit smaller.
 Each of our print paper pages are going to be 9 ¾ x 9 ¾ inches. Once your pages are finished and you have worked out in which order you want them to go, you can adhere them to the chipboard pages. You will have a bit of black showing all the way around.
Instructions for page one.

You need to cut your two pieces of Timeless Memories to 9 ¾ inches x 9 ¾ inches.
From your sheet of Ageless Beauty, cut the three postage stamps out from the front first.

Then turn the paper over and cut 6 strips from the back of the sheet. Each piece needs to be about an inch wide. It is important that the pattern on each piece matches. I have inked the edges of all my print papers with a little bit of Tim Holtz Vintage Distress Inks.
For the left page and right page borders:
 You need to put a small piece of tape in the middle of each border and adhere three pieces around the edge of each page. Each piece should fit onto the pages. Use the outer edge of the pages as a guide. You need three pieces of border for each page. The borders need to be at the top and bottom of the page and the left edge of your left page, the right side of your right page.  Each piece should hang off the page in the corners.

 To mitre the corners, you need to place a ruler from the inside corner of the strips across to the outer point where the borders cross over each other. With a pencil draw a line. Use a pair of scissors and cut the top strip only along the pencil line.
Trim off the excess piece of the bottom border along the edge of the top border. Put a small piece of tape under the mitred corner and adhere it to the bottom border. Repeat on the other corner. Carefully lift the whole piece off. Put tape on the three border pieces and carefully adhere them back down onto your page. Doesn’t worry if it comes apart you can put them back on one at a time.



 Cut your sheet of “Afternoon Tea” to 6 inches high and 12 inches wide. Then cut it into two pieces. One needs to be 5 ½ x 6 inches and the other needs to be 4 ½ x 6 inches. Cut your piece of lace border to match.
You need to adhere the 5 ½ piece onto your left page about ½ down from the bottom of your top border. It needs to be right on the right edge of your page. Butt your piece of lace border under it.
Cut a piece of black cardstock to 3 5/8 inches x 7 ¼ inches. Cut a piece of “Focal Point” print paper to 3 4/8 x 7 1/8 inches and adhere it to the black cardstock. Add it to your page with 4 photo corners. It needs to go over your spot piece and fit inside your borders. Cut a piece of black cardstock to 4x 6 inches. Add a photo and adhere it to your page.
Right page:
Adhere your piece of 4 ½ inch wide piece of  “Afternoon Tea” to the left edge of your right page. It needs to line up with the piece on the left page. Add one photo corner to the top right corner only. Butt your second piece of black and cream lace border to your right page.
 You now need to make your pocket. Once it is finished you can adhere it to your right page.

The Pocket:
I used a 7 gypsy’s pocket. Cut a piece of “Moment in Time” 4 7/8 inches wide x   5 7/8 inches high. Trim the top of your print paper piece to match the pocket. Don’t adhere it to your pocket until you have finished decorating the front. Cut a piece from your “Lasting Impressions” you need a strip of the left over bits of your “Timeless Memoir”, it needs to be 7 inches long and about an inch wide. Adhere it across the front of your pocket and leave the ends hanging off.
Choose one of the squares from your sheet of “Fashion Plate” and mat it onto a piece of your black cardstock and add it to your “Moment in Time” piece. Use a large key. I snapped mine in half to make it longer.
Make a hole each side of the two key pieces. Use a fine ribbon to tie the two pieces of your key onto your “Moment in Time” piece each side of your key shaft. You need to leave a gap in the middle, large enough to fit your flower in. You will need to take your flower apart and remove the stamens.
 Use a pearl brad to adhere your flower to your “Moment in Time” print. Ink an Imaginarium  Designs chipboard clock black. Add it to your “Moment in Time” piece on top of your “Timeless Memoir” border strip and to the left of the bottom of your key. Add two small forget-me-not flowers with gold brads. Add two leaves over your clock. Now you have the front finished. Adhere it to your pocket. Wrap the two pink ends of your borders around to the back of your pocket.
 Adhere the finished pocket to your page. It needs to go in the bottom right corner of page about a ¼ inch in from the right side and ¼ inch up from the bottom.

From your sheet of “Fashion Plate” cut out the largest lady image with a little bit of cream around the edges. Add your large lady image to your right page with foam tape. Glue the hand and feet down onto your pocket.

 Tag 1
Cut a black cardstock piece to 4 ½ x 6 inches. Trim the corners off. Cut a piece of picture perfect 4 3/8 x 5 7/8 inches. Trim the corners to match your cardstock tag and adhere the two pieces together. Cut a piece of Focal Point print paper to 3 ¼ x 4 ¼ inches and adhere it to your tag in the middle and add three photo corners. Add the three stamps from “Ageless Beauty”. Punch out two circles from some of your scraps. Adhere one to the top of your tag front and back. Punch a hole in the middle and tie some ribbons.

Tag 2
Cut a black cardstock piece to 4 ½ x 6 inches. Trim the corners off. Cut a piece of “Focal Point” 4 3/8 x 5 7/8 inches. Trim the corners to match your cardstock tag and adhere the two pieces together.
Cut a piece of Moment in Time I used one of the sixxiz dies to cut a shape. Add it to the middle of your tag. Punch out two circles from some of your scraps. Adhere one to the top of your tag front and back. Punch a hole in the middle and tie some ribbons.
The pocket can be used to add more photos to your page, along with your journaling. I have designed the page with space along side the photo of the left page for more information and a title/name.
To purchase more of my kits visit Seriously Scrapbooking – on line store
If you need help completing your kit, please email me,    
Or ring me at Seriously Scrapbooking 08 82771298
Ok, well that's me for this week, I have some cards to share, but am flat out getting ready for our All Day Scrap next week. I have 86 Ladies joining me at Seriously Scrapbooking for a fun filled day.
thanks for stopping by

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Teaching In Sydney

Hello Everyone
Very excited to be teaching in Sydney for the 1st time - at the end of August. Alice in Paperland has invited me to teach at their Sydney Store.

I have two workshops planned. The first one is a layout. This is a favourite of mine, using lots of chipboard from Imaginarium Designs and metal bits and pieces. You will learn how to make a frame using paper, and create metal loaded balloon embellishments. A really fun work shop, you will even being using embossing powders and spray mists to create your own amazing page.

For my other class, I will be sharing some tricks on making pop up cards. We will be making two cards using papers from Graphic 45's "By the Sea" collection.
It is going to be a fun filled day, full on but fun. So make sure you  book in early as spots are limited. You can ring their Sydney Store on 02 96381523 to find out more or  book in.
If you are attending, you need to have a good night sleep and your weekbix for brekkie.
I love teaching and sharing my passion for Graphic 45 with everyone. I can't wait to see you all.


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Graphic 45 and 3L Adhesive Blog Hop

Hello Everyone
Time to get in touch again, so much has been happening and all very very exciting, but I can't share it all with you just yet. But I do have some news I can share.

First up - Graphic 45 and 3L Scrapbook Adhesive are having a blog hop. I was on Graphic 45 and 3L Scrapbooking Adhesives designs team at the same time and I remember the blog hop being great fun.  There is also giveaways on Graphic 45's blog and 3L's blog as well. I have add the links for you so you can check it out. To enter just visit the blogs and follow the instructions. Graphic 45 and  3L have all the links you need to their design team members taking part each day. Remember everyday there will be another group of designers who are sharing their projects.
Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L
Graphic 45's Blog
Both Graphic and Scrapbook Adhesives are world leaders in scrapbooking and have amazing designs team who dream up the most inspiring projects and share them with you.

Next up: Another couple of my favourite companies have teamed up.
Imaginarium Designs and Couture Creations are also doing a Blog Hop with giveaways.

You need to check this blog hop out as well, Imaginarium Designs is the chipboard company of my choice and I love all the designs and the quality of the chipboard. Couture Creations is another Aussie company who make lots of amazing products. I have the links for you here.
Imaginarium Designs
If you have not checked out Imaginarium Designs blog then please do, they have an amazing design team from all over the world and their design teams work is mind blowing.
Couture Creations
Remember you will need to check out each day to see what is happening and increase your chances of winning.
So make a cup of tea or coffee and take the time to visit, leave comments and go into the draw to win some wonderful prizes.

Now for something else.
I am going to share one of my favourite projects here on my blog over the next few weeks.
This was a project I did for Australian Scrapbook Ideas last year. I sold kits for it at
Seriously Scrapbooking and it was a huge hit, with everyone who made it loving it so much. I can't get all the papers anymore and we have run out of kits, so I am going to share it here and you can make it using some of Graphic 45's newer paper collections.
So starting today, I am going to share the instructions for making the cover. I used a Imaginarium Designs chipboard book. All the chipboard used in this project is from Imaginarium Designs, who also created a box for me to decorate and keep my book safe.

  So a  bit about the book.
 This book is for the women in my family. I am starting with my Great Great Grandmothers, then my Great Grandmothers, Grandmothers, Mother and myself. I am also doing pages for my girls. This is  going  to be the pefect keepsake book, full of memories and photos along with ephemera. The book is full of pockets and flaps with lots of lovely layouts. You can adapt the pages and easily turn them into 12 x12 inch layouts. 
Materials used
Graphic 45 Ladies Diary Collection:
Ladies Diary, Garden Stroll, Delicate Detail, Picture Perfect, Moment in Time.
Black Cardstock
Miss Rose and Sister Violet Flowers
Vandoros Ribobns.
Versa colour inks in Cinnamon and Laurel leaf
Tim Holtz Distress inks in Vintage photo and Peeled Paint.
Adhesives and a hot glue gun.
Imaginarium Designs: IDS006 Chipboard Shapes-Clock face  3 inch, IDFL0009 flourishes-Kerri flourish,IDT0011 Tinies –Brackets on oval frame short, IDFL0002 Flourish Oval, Imaginarium Designs -Frame and assorted words.
I will be using Graphic 45 papers from “A Ladies Diary” and chipboard from Imaginarium Designs.
For your cover of your chipboard book, I have designed it so you can make the whole cover then add it to the front of your chipboard book once you have finished. You don’t need your chipboard book just yet. You can make all the pages, add photos and place the pages into your chipboard book in the order you want them rather than the order I have made them.
You need to cut all your papers and ink around the edges. I have used Tim Holtz Distress Vintage Photo to ink all my edges.
You need to cut your sheet of “Delicate Details” to 9 ¾ inches x 9 ¾ inches. Ink around the edges with Tim Holtz Distress Vintage photo ink.  You are to use the spot side. From your sheet of “Garden Stroll cut a square 8 ½ inches x 8 ½ inches. Put adhesive all over the back of this square and adhere it to the middle of your 9 ¾ inch x 9 ¾ inch square.
Paint or spray your frame black and glue it over the top of your “Garden stroll” square. You need to be able to tuck some lace under your frame about an inch up from the bottom of the inside of your frame. So don’t put any glue on the back of that part of your frame.  Make sure you get it on straight. The frame is about the same size as your square of Delicate Details print paper, so there is not much room for error.
 Cut a rectangle of “Moment in Time”  4 inches x 6 ½ inches and adhere it to your “Garden Stroll” It needs to go on about 1 inch down from the top of the inside of your frame and about ½ inch in from the inside left edge of your frame. Add a photo corner to the top left corner of your print paper.
Cut a piece of black cardstock to 3 ½ x 7 ¼ inches. Cut a piece of “Picture Perfect” print paper to 3 ¼ inches x 7 inches and adhere it to the black cardstock. Add it to your “Garden Stroll”. It needs to go over the top of the right edge of your “Moment in Time” piece. It should fit inside your frame with the same amount of print showing all the way around.
From your sheet of a “Ladies Diary” print paper. Cut out the large lady image. Leave a little bit of cream showing all the way around.  Cut out the image of the rose which is in the square. Adhere it to your “Picture Perfect” rectangle. You can place it on a slight angle if you wish.
 Place some tape across the middle of your cover. You will be putting your lace on top of it. It needs to be about an inch up from the bottom inside of your fame. Tuck the ends under your fame and add some more glue. Using foam tape/squares, adhere your large lady image to your cover.

Now it is time to ink your chipboard pieces. Ink your 3 inch clock pink. I used a versa cube Cinnamon. For the Kerri flourish, you will need to ink it with peeled paint distress ink. Add some more ink in a lighter shade around the edges. I used a versa cube in Laurel leaf.  Add a bit of glitter to the flourish. Use the wires from each flower and twist them together to form a posy. Tie some tulle in a bow to the wire stems. Trim the ends back. Tie a bow in some ribbon and use a glue gun to adhere it to the tulle bow.  Glue your clock down in the corner of your frame. Glue the Kerri flourish on top of your clock.  Use a glue gun and adhere the flower posy to your cover.

Ink your chipboard flourish oval with a versa cube in Laurel leaf. Add some glitter to the flourish.
Spray/paint the words “women” and “family” in black
Ink your chipboard words, “The”, “in” and “Out” in Tim Holtz Distress vintage photo ink pad. Ink your oval frame in Vintage photo. Glue your inked chipboard oval flourish down to your cover.  Glue the small oval frame on top of the flourish.  Add your chipboard words “The women in our Family”
Thanks so much.
To purchase more of my kits visit Seriously Scrapbooking – on line store

I am planning to share a page each week with you including the box, so please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

So Honoured to be a Graphic 45 Ambassador for 2014

Hello Everyone.
I have been a bit slow at updating my blog, but I am back on track and excited to be sharing some news with you.
Over the past few weeks, Graphic 45 has been introducing their new and amazing  Design Team on their blog. They are now introducing their Ambassadors of which their are four designers,
Clare Charvill, Jim Hankins, Laura Denison and ME. Can't even begin to explain how honoured and excited I am to be with such an amazing group of  people and back with my favourite paper company Graphic 45. I had 2013 off from Graphic 45's design team and after being with them for 3 years, I was quite lost and missed them all so much. I did do a lot of Graphic 45 projects in 2013 of which lots were published in the Australian Magazines. I also did some interstate teaching which was great fun.
 So since Graphic 45 announced their new design team along with their Ambassadors, everyone has been asking me what is an Ambassador? So I will let Graphic 45 explain.
"You may be wondering "What is a G45 Ambassador?" It's a designer we have specifically invited to represent Graphic 45, since they are already teaching so many wonderful classes and workshops with Graphic 45 products all over the world. You will see familiar faces in this group of designers and teachers. This program is invite-only and we asked some amazing crafters for this team. We are so excited to welcome these designers to this brand new program with Graphic 45! "
Yesterday was Clare's turn and her introduction was amazing, such a super talented Lady.
Today is my turn and after seeing Clare's  I wish I had shared more photos with Graphic 45! So I am going to put lots of my favourite projects here on my blog for you to look at.

 This was a project I taught in 2013 at the Brisbane Paper and Scrapbooking Expo. I had three full classes of 30 Lovely Ladies make this layout with me. I have finally instructions written and kits for sale for this layout at Seriously Scrapbooking if anyone wants to make it. The photo is of Tim Holtz the master of scrapbooking - a supper star in fact and my son Josh (another super star). We were able to do classes with Tim at CHA in 2012.

I do love making layouts, but I find books the most rewarding, I enjoy the challenge of taking a Graphic 45 12x12 Pad and creating a whole book from it. Normally there is not much left by the time the book is finished. This was one I made using Typography and some papers from the Steampunk Spells collections to give me some pop out elements. This is one book I am thinking of doing instructions for.

This was a huge project for me and Graphic 45. In 2012 while I was on the design team, I did a book for Graphic 45 which ran over 9 months. Each month I would send them the tutorial and photos for a double page. Each page was using a different paper collection. The final Tutorial was for the cover and putting the book together. It was a huge success for me, with many ladies making this book. I also got emails from all over the world, thanking me for sharing the book with Graphic 45 and them. I took a lot of time on my part and as much for the lovely Lady at Graphic 45 who had the job of loading it up on their blog. Thanks so much for all the effort done by Graphic 45 in bring this book to light.

 This was the final part of a project I did for Australian Scrapbooking Ideas. This is one of our Aussie magazines and they asked me to do a book for them. I talked them into a book and a box. This project was called the "Women In our Family and the book had 7 layouts in it, along with a beautiful cover. It had pockets, tags, flaps and even a fold out dress form. This allowed for more photos along with family history and more. I sold kits for it at Seriously Scrapbooking and over 100 ladies made this project following my tutorial. I still get people asking for the kits.
 I am thinking of putting the tutorial for it on my blog and then anyone can make it although some of the Graphic 45 papers are hard to get. The design and layouts would work with another beautiful Graphic 45 collection for anyone wanting to have a go. The chipboard box was made by Imaginarium Designs.

This has to be one of my favourite designs/projects and the photo does not show it off. It is about 14 inches high and 9 inches across. It is made up of 8 "rooms" and fits under a class dome, which then sits on a wooden decorated base that has a turning plate on it with a little motor that makes the whole thing slowing turn around. The whole diorama was designed by Imaginarium Designs  who did an amazing job interpreting my idea.

 This is an old favourite of mine, it was one of the first layouts I did for Graphic 45, way back in 2010/11. This was my first year on the team and it was so scary. This was such a big thing for "little old me". Not only was I from Australia, but Adelaide - right at the bottom of Australia. I was so excited to have made it "big time" in Scrapbooking.  Little did I know then, just how much I was going to love working with Graphic 45 and what a journey it was about to take me on. I still love this layout and cart it out every time I am asked to display my work at a show. I am just finishing the kits for this and the instructions are finally done - its only taken 4 years. This is one of the benefits of hording Graphic 45 paper - I have enough for about 25 kits.

I was delighted to see this collection come along. Couture has become a real favourite. I have done a book with Mae West quotes, which I am about to teach again for the third time. We have been doing all the photos and step by steps, so I am hoping to have it online soon. Kate (daughter in the photo) got married late last year and I had already started teaching a "Couture" 12 x12 album class. Each month a group of ladies join me and we create a single or double layout. By the end of 12 months we will have a whole album done. Kate is going to have it for her wedding album as she also loves the collection. Even though she is a modern bride and collection works with her photos. We are going to  put this collection of layouts online at Seriously Scrapbooking as well, probably next week.
The  last project I am sharing is another favourite and has been for a long time. I have been making Patchwork Pieces for years, in fact over 5 years and have made 100's of squares. Right from the beginning, I used Graphic 45 papers as the colours and prints were perfect for the smallness of this project. I even made one for Diane (owner of Graphic 45) for her birthday and was delighted to see it hanging at CHA when I attended in 2012. The frame is from IKEA and is about $30, you need about 8 kits to make a whole project like the one above along with 3 packets of squares for the photos. It has about 40 photos and is a very additive form of scrapbooking. Scrapbooking Creations, another of our Aussie magazines featured this as a monthly project over a whole year (2012). I lost count of how many kits I sold and how many ladies had the fun of making one of their own frames. I am still making the squares with another two new kits went online yesterday. I am about to do a whole frame "Shabby Chic" using Graphic 45's Botanical Tea and lots of white metal charms and chipboard. It will be available from Seriously Scrapbooking by the end of July.
Over the past 4 years I have been teaching interstate at shows and scrapbooking stores. I love teaching and still teach over 10 classes a month at Seriously Scrapbooking. It has been a goal of mine to get as many projects as I can into kits with detailed tutorials that anyone can do. This gets my work out to women all over Australia, who live in far flung and hard to get to places. Or in major cities with no local scrapbooking store near them. I have a huge following in New Zealand and send lots of kits all over the country, which gives me a big thrill having been born in Christchurch. My kits go to the UK, USA and Singapore, just to name a few and even Denmark. I always get excited when someone orders my kits and I find them going somewhere I have never been. It's like a little bit of me goes too with every parcel and I feel quite moved that someone living a long way away likes my work enough to have it sent to them. As a Graphic 45 Ambassador, I am wanting to teach even more this year, so if you would like me to teach near you, then contact your local store and get them to arrange for me to visit. Also if the New Zealand Ladies can arrange some teaching for me there, I would love to come, although I left when I was 12, I still get a bit home sick, especially when friends come back from their holidays and rave about the country and the people.

 It is going to be an amazing year for all those talented people on the Graphic 45 Design team.
Thanks again Graphic 45 for allowing me to be part of your truly special and unique company.
Thanks everyone for visiting.
Please leave a comment for the chance to win a kit from me.
(For those still waiting for your kit, they are coming! - just wanted to send something special and flat!)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Congratulations To the top 30 Graphic 45 Finalists

Hello Everyone.
Well, the list is out for the top 30 Graphic 45 Finalists. Congratulations to the 30 talented people on the list. Special Congratulations to Laura Denison.  Their are some very familiar names in the top 30, along with fellow Imaginarium Design Team Members and two Australians. I want to wish everyone on the list all the best. I have been working my way through the list and visiting all your blogs. What a tough job for Graphic 45 to choose a team. You are all so talented and your work is amazing.
My husband was on my computer when the email and came through and when he told me my name was not on the list, I felt  quite sad.  I loved my three years being on Graphic 45's Design Team but even more so being part of the family that makes Graphic 45 so special and different from every other company. I couldn't wait for last year to go so I could reapply again. When my name was not on the list, I just thought that Graphic 45 may have decided 3 years was quite enough of me.  Then my husband ask me what a Graphic 45 Ambassador was. I had to read the email heaps of times to take it in. I still have to keep pinching myself. I still to have to find out just what I will be doing, but I am so excited and very honoured once again to be part of the Graphic 45 Family. Thank you so much, Graphic 45 for the privilege of being one of your Ambassadors, I am so looking forward to this year.
I wanted to share another one of my Graphic 45 Books. This one is made using the 12 days of Christmas papers. you need a full pad of 12x12 print paper for this project. I am writing the tutorial for it at the moment.
It is a pop out book, based on an old Victorian Book that I brought at a market stall.

  There are 6 pop out pages, the whole book folds out, so you can have it standing on a mantle piece or table.

I have taught it in my store and the classes when well, so I know it will work well as a tutorial.
One of my ladies had hers on top of her TV leading up to Christmas. Her son, who never notices her projects, asked her to remove it as it kept distracting him, when he was watch TV. He told her he kept looking at it all the time!

I have only shown three of the 6 pages. On the back of each pop out, you can add photo's.  It is going to take a while to write the instructions and do the photo's, so it will be awhile before I get it finished. Once it is finished I will let you all know.
thanks for all the lovely comments left for me.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wanting to Share some New Kits

Hello Everyone.
Back sharing again and so soon after my last post! Trying to get back on track. Just wanting to let you know that for the past few months, I have been working on getting my French Country Book in a kit and  online, so I can share it with anyone who is unable to do classes with me. My "Women in our Family" was so well received, lots of you contacted me to tell me how much they enjoyed it. So I have done another book for you all.  This one is beautiful. It has flaps, pockets and more.

The book is made up of two singles and 5 double pages. You get to make the book from scratch along with all the pages.  You will have papers leftover so you can make more tags to add to your book once you have finished. 
 I have done this book for my husband and myself, it's how turn to have a book on us.  When I taught in in our store it took about 10 classes, so buying the kit online is a good way to go. We only have 60 kits available, so don't leave it too late to order one. You can order it as one full kit or order it in three parts. This is to help with the cost. There are more photo's on Seriously Scrapbookings Website along with the kits.
The other projects I have been working on is card kits. Each month in my store I teach cards. I have 15-20 Ladies each month joining me. The above kit is one I taught in January and it was a great class. A bit of a challenge but for those of you up to it, have a go. There are three cards in the kit and they are 3D standing cards. The kits are available from Seriously Scrapbooking. under Jane's Card Kits.

The next set is three "Baby Boy" cards. They are so cute, I have already given mine away. You get to make an easel card, fold card and a gate fold card. You will love this kit and its not too hard. The chipboard is already sprayed white for you. I have include an ink pad so you have a right blue to colour your trains.

The last set of cards are "Baby Girl"cards. Again these are a really pretty set. You could use them for other occasions if you like by not put the baby chipboard words on them. Again a card set that is not too hard.
Remember all my kits come with detail instructions and step by step photos. If you get stuck you can always ring me or email me for help. I sell 1000's of kits each year and I don't get very many emails asking for help. You are all so clever and understand my instruction beautifully.
I have some more card kits to go online next month, one is a male set and one is a female set - perfect for Mothers day.  I also hope to put a Graphic 45 "By the Sea" pop up card set. I am still  doing patchwork pieces. Later this year I will be doing a new project with Patchwork Pieces. They will be in a shabby style for those of you who have asked me to do it. I am starting to teach them in my store, so it should be fun. Should have a finished photo in a week or two. I will post it here and share with you.
Only 4 more sleeps to find out if I have made the second round of Graphic 45.
Just want to wish everyone submitting for the Design Team,  the best of luck, wish everyone could be a winner.
PS Could the 11 people who left me a comment on my Graphic 45 Design Team Post, please email me and I will send some Imaginarium chipboard out to all of you. The winner of one of my kits is Annie M. Please email me at with your address.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Graphic 45 Design Team 2014 Audition

Hello Eveyone.
It has been a while since I last posted, I have had so much going on and have just lost track of time. I haven't been slack or anything. I have done a lot of projects using Graphic 45 along with lots of teaching. But I have been eagerly waiting for Graphic 45 to announce their 2014 design team call. I enjoyed my three years with them so much that I am trying out for the team again. I have had a whole year off from their team and missed it so much. I have a year of Graphic 45 projects that I have been teaching in my store and interstate, also a years worth of projects that have been published in two of Australia's magazines to share.
I love all things Graphic 45, books, cards, layout and off the page projects. I just love making anything with Graphic 45. The colours, images and papers are perfect for my style of scrapbooking.
For my Design Team Audition post I have put together some my favourite Graphic 45 projects from 2013.

This is my French Country Book, it is about 9 1/2 inches wide x 11 inches high. It is also 3 inches thick. It has 7 double pages and two singles.

I have spent the last two months writing instructions for this book, so I can sell a kit online. It has been a big job. Lots of the pages have flaps, pockets and fold out pieces. I wish I could show it all to you. I love this collection, the colours and images are so perfect to work this and this book is just lovely.
I love making books from scratch, so in 2013 I made 5 books in total.

 This was another favourite collection from Graphic 45, again the colours and words were perfect for this book. I am writing the instructions for this book at the moment.

 This book has a fold out part to it at the front, which allows me to have some pop out elements. The lady from "Steampunk Spells" worked so well as a pop up.

Again the colours are so rich and the words, wow I love words. So I fell in love with this collection  as soon as I laid my eyes on it.

This was a project I did for Australian Scrapbook Ideas. It is one of our Australian Magazines.
They shared two pages each month along with the box that the finished book goes in.

It was quite a big project with a book 10x10 inches and the box. I designed it for the women in our family. It has pockets and tags, along with a fold out dress form mini book. I know for a fact that over 70 women made this project as I sold kits for it. I used all the beautiful papers from "A Ladies Diary" which was just perfect.

This book is called the Mae West Quote Book. I design it using Graphic 45's Couture Collection. You need a whole 12x12 pad for this project. Again lots of flaps, tags and fold out pages.

It has a pop element at the back and front of the book.  I am working on instructions for this book.
Layouts are also a favourite of mine. I teach a Graphic 45 layout every month in my store. I seem to do mainly male layouts, but I do female as well.

 One for Kate using French Country. Simple but lovely. Kate helps me with kits and instructions for all my projects. She takes the photos or is my hand model! So the young hands with the beautiful engagement ring is her.

Second love after Graphic 45 - Chipboard and Metals, perfect combination. View from Alcatraz Dinning Room Window. Taken when I visited in 2012.

The Famous Tim Holtz with Josh at CHA 2012.

Lots of lovely bits and pieces on this layout.
  Josh on the Mad Hatters ride at Disney Land 2012.
Josh always features in my male layouts, as he is my only boy. I now have two son's in law, so you may see some new male faces this year. One of the best things about Graphic 45 is the fact that you can mix collections. I love doing this, the above layout has papers from three collection including Steampunk Spells, Steampunk Debutant and Couture!
 This one is for my daughter Leah, again the collection was not a wedding collection at all, but still works so well with this photo. It is the words in "Typography" collection that I love so much.

Another layout using Steampunk Spells. I loved this collection even though it was Halloween which we don't really do here in Australia.

This was a very special project and I taught it in my store. I also took it to the Brisbane Scrapbooking and papercraft expo and it was a huge hit. I found these extra large glass dome and had Imaginarium Designs make me a chipboard diorama to go inside it. I was inspired by  Victorian Domes, that were all the rage during Queen Victoria. People would have all kinds of things under domes, flowers, stuffed animals, minerals and more.  I decided to make mine with 8 compartments and do it for my family. Josh designed me a tree, that would "Grow" up the diorama and wrap around it. There are four of them.
 This is Josh's Room.
  This room, is for my children and has photos of them when they were little.
This is the attic and still needs lots more bits and pieces added to it. If you look carefully you may see a   flying pig!

 Another upstairs room.

 All the trees have quotes on them to do with family and memories. There are also charms hanging from the trees as well.
The glass dome is about 9 inches wide and 18 inches high. It also has a box base (covered with G45 Paper) with a little motor in it. This moves the hole dome around slowly. Just like Magic.

This was another project I did in 2013. This one was for Scrapbook Creations, another of our Australian Magazines. Each month they featured one of the tag sets with instructions. So you could make them if you wanted to. The project needed 55 tags, so I had to design 12 different  kits.

This was the first kit in the collection and I used papers from Little Darlings, one of my favourite paper collections, so sad to see if go.

A male set, this project was made for Leah and Stewart (Son in Law) and so this set is for Stewart

A set of tags for Leah. The finished project had room for lots of little photos, so I included photos from their wedding but also ones of them growing up. As their life changes I can update photos to suit.
The tags are quite small, about 2 inches wide x 2 1/2 inches high. The are great fun to make and quite addictive.

The other thing I did in 2013 was start teaching Card Classes. I keep telling my ladies that I am not a card maker, I just do mini layouts, pop up books and my books but card size. They love it so I must be doing something right.
Flat cards are a bit "flat" for me. So I do mine with pop out elements for at touch of surprise! when you open them.
First up this a pop card from Graphic 45's By The Sea collection. I have fallen in love with this collection. It arrived Thursday and by Saturday I had two pop cards + star mini album and box nearly finished.
I use this pop element in my books, sometimes I use it as an inside front or back surprise, like in the Mae West book. But it works so well for cards. I am writing instructions for two cards using "By the Sea" as you read.

The layout I did on Josh and Tim was so popular that I was asked to adapted  it for a card class. It worked so well. I did three cards but have used one for a birthday already.

The Couture collection had so many beautiful elements that just needed some fussy cutting, which to my card ladies disgust I made them cut. I did three cards in this set. I have done instructions for these so  keep in touch.
These cards are folded and  made so you have two layers to them. This gives them a 3D effect.


 Again another card with the pop element, using an older Graphic 45 Collection.

 Another 3D card, part of a three card set using Steampunk Spells.

 A Christmas set of cards.
There is lots more to share as I had a very busy year but this will have to do for now.
So here it goes.
Wish me luck.
PS Please leave me a message and I will chose someone to receive one of my kits.